Delectable Deli

Talk to Brenda to find out about the wide selection of meats, cheeses and other goodies our deli has to satisfy your needs.

Friendly Faces

Ryan is always around to offer a friendly hello!

Small Town Service

Mick and Kathy offer over 30 years of experience in home town customer service. Mick is always willing to stop and have a cup of coffee with you, and then help you pick out the perfect cut of meat for your meals!

Small Town Greetings

Kim's here to offer you a friendly smile, chat, and she'll even carry your groceries to your car for you!

Say Cheese!

Jan not only has "cheese", but also milk, eggs, yogurt, butter....all your dairy needs!

Fresh Bakery

Breads, rolls, cookies, buns and pies freshly baked every day by Janine. 

Seasonal Freshness

Fresh fruits and veggies are in Leslie's corner - all fresh and ready for your daily diet!